About us



Astra’s vision is to play the leading role in the country’s health sector by providing safe and effective medicine of high quality which will bring benefit to patients through improved longevity and quality of life.

Astra’s mission is to build strengths carefully in important areas that offer the resources for tomorrow’s business opportunities

  • To build customer’s trust as “Quality Company” both in products and services
  • To ensure health and sustainable growth of the company
  • To maintain the quality in all areas of operations by continuous development.


 Through working in partnership with everyone from patients to health care providers and managed care organizations to world governments and non-governmental organizations, our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to innovative treatments and quality health care.

About Astra Bio Pharma

Astra is a pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh. The company has been in operation since 2001, when it was known as Proteety Pharma. In 2011 the company was taken over by the current management and renamed and rebranded as Astra Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. The company has been in the market since 2012 and is recording steady growth.

Astra has over 16000 sft facility over 2 floors including a state of the art QC facility.The company currently has over 1000 employees, including 500 sales field personnel. There are 11 depots throughout the country and the company is able to distribute to every corner of the country through these distribution centres. A further 4 depots are planned to ensure smooth distribution and collections.

Astra is following a strategy to boost sales along with per sales persons’ productivity through diligent use of different incentive and bonus schemes. Astra also has one of the lower COG’s in the market amongst new entrants. Average COGs is forecast to fall further as newer and more profitable drugs are introduced into the market.

Research and Development is the base upon which a pharmaceutical company stands. The stronger the R&D. the more profitable a company can become. Astra has already invested in a strong Product development and R&D departments and is continuously adding latest technology equipment for testing and QC analysis.

Astra has lab equipment from Shimadzu, Japan which includes a HPLC, FTIR, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer etc. These along with other QC equipment ensure that we maintain a strong quality control facility and ensure top quality products. Astra is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of therapeutic drugs to satisfy the unmet medical needs and to improve quality of life in community and global population. Astra has more than 70 products with different dosage form like Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Suspension, Semisolid, Injectable preparation. Astra has current production facilities for Tablet, Capsule, Ointment and PFS.

It has a Toll manufacturing agreement with Popular Pharmaceuticals for manufacturing of Injectable items and cephalosporin items. It also has a toll manufacturing agreement for penicillin items with Sharif Pharma.

The company is continuously expanding its activities beyond the geographical boundary of Bangladesh. The company is open to collaborate with interested and relevant parties in various countries Astra will continue to strive to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices to the people here in Bangladesh and other parts of the globe.