Company Sales

Company Sales

Astra entered the Bangladesh pharma market in the middle of 2012. In 2017 Astra now has 11 depots around the country. It has over 400 Sales and Distribution staff through which 90% of the country is now covered. Additional Sales and Distribution personnel will be added in the coming years, taking the total to around 1000. This will provide the correct amount of focused coverage to ensure good sales performances.

Astra has done over 100 cr in sales in the last 5 years. In the last 6 months’sales,have doubled and reached 30 cr.  In the FY2016 Astra sold over 50 cr .We are targeting an annual turnover of over 100 crores in the coming years. The sales teams have good doctor’s coverage and number of prescriptions are increasing daily.

Astra target for the FY 2017 is to aim for 65 cr in total revenues from every possible stream. This will ensure the company is at breakeven point and provide the necessary impetus to push forward to our target of reaching the top 30 companies.

Astra aims to grow sales through ensuring additional products in the market. It will also ensure high productivity of its sales force and lower COG by increasing sales of products related to Non-Communicable Diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiac, lung function and other items.

Astra is also steadily getting enlistment in various government and semi government organizations and has all the requisite requirements to participate in large and small tenders. Astra has also recently qualified for Narcotics License and will produce narcotic items such as clonazepam, bromazepam etc.