Because Astra Biopharmaceutical Ltd. has been awarded the

GMP compliance certificate.

and leading pharmaceuticals of Bangladesh.

Our Facilities

Astra has more than 70 products with different dosage form like Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Suspension, Semisolid, Injectable preparation. Astra has current production facilities for Tablet, Capsule, Ointment and PFS. It has a Toll manufacturing agreement with Popular Pharmaceuticals for manufacturing of Injectable items and cephalosporin items. It also has a toll manufacturing agreement for penicillin items with Sharif Pharma. The company is continuously expanding its activities beyond the geographical boundary of Bangladesh. The company is open to collaborate with interested and relevant parties in various countries Astra will continue to strive to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices to the people here in Bangladesh and other parts of the globe.