Astra is a pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh. The company has been in the market since 2000 and is recording steady growth, Astra always focuses on innovation and operational excellence in all it’s functional areas.

Astra has wide range of products representing different therapeutic classes. It has more than 100+ products with different dosage forms like Tablet, Capsule. Syrup Suspension. Semisolid, Injectable preparation. Astra has state of the art production facilities for Tablet/Capsule.

The company is continuously expanding its activities beyond the geographical boundary of Bangladesh. The company is open to collaborate with interested and professional partners.

Relevant parties in various countries Astra will continue to strive to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices to the people here in Bangladesh and other

Astra will now establish a state of the art factory up to international standards. It has already discussed consultancy services from APC international for factory layout and design Astra is also increasing its export foot print and the new factory will enable to the company to focus strongly on increasing exports.

Astra’s vision is to play the leading role in the country’s health sector by providing safe and effective medicine of high quality which will bring benefit to patients through improved longevity and quality of life.

Astra’s mission is to build strengths carefully in important areas that offer the resources for tomorrow’s business opportunities

  • To build customer’s trust as “Quality Company both in products and services
  • To ensure health and sustainable growth of the company
  • To maintain the quality in all areas of operations by continuous development
Md. Nazrul Islam
Md. Nazrul Islam has vast management experience having worked internationally and locally over the last 18 years.